My Resume

Vincent Jürgen Oord

I am a web guy with a strong focus on usability.

I was born on July 4th, 1983 in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

I divide my time between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Vienna, Austria.

Work experience

2017 — present

Freelance Product Developer,

2015 — 2017

Co-founder & CTO, Cocoon B.V. (Amsterdam)

2013 — 2015

Director of Digitalization, Political Party D66 (The Hague)


Product Manager, Springest B.V. (Amsterdam)

2010 — 2013

Web Developer, Springest B.V. (Amsterdam)

2009 — 2010

Online Campaigner, Political Party D66 (The Hague)


Web Developer, Media Concepts B.V. (Amsterdam)

2007 — 2008

List Manager, ABN AMRO N.V. (Amsterdam)

2005 — 2006

Web Developer, NVM Realworks B.V. (Amsterdam)

2001 — 2005

Various student jobs in data entry (Magnes, Result DDB) and caretaking (Thuiszorg Amsterdam)


2006 — 2007

MSc. Information Science, University of Amsterdam

2002 — 2006

BSc. Information Science, University of Amsterdam

Other Activities

2015 — present

Online communication trainer for IDI foundation

2015 — present

Teacher / mentor at the Development Bootcamp by Codaisseur and other Learn-to-Code events

2013 — present

Member rowing club K.A.R.Z.V. De Hoop Amsterdam

2012 — 2013

Participant Route66, Talent Programme of D66


Volunteer, Cross-Borders (Kathmandu/Bahrabise, Nepal)

2003 — 2011

Member student rowing club A.A.S.R. Skøll Amsterdam


I'm a native Dutch speaker. I'm fluent in English and I speak and understand German. Furthermore I have a basic understanding of French, Spanish and I try to speak and understand नेपाली and हिंदी.

In my spare time I like photography, rowing, cycling and politics.

I sometimes push code to GitHub.

I've also got a Dutch car and motorcycle license (A + B).

In 2008 I travelled for 7 months to Japan, India and Bhutan and did volunteering work in Nepal.

In 2009 a friend an I drove by car and motorcycle from Istanbul to Nepal.

In 2012 two friends and I volunteered for the Obama re-election campaign in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.

Together with some friends I organize the Webcrafters and Amsterdam Tech Runners meetups.


You can find me on twitter and LinkedIn, but I'd prefer if you would just send me an e-mail.

If you're more the calling type of person, you can book also book a 30-min call with me.